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Post  Cuba(Moltres) on Sun May 16, 2010 12:16 am

Name: Cuba Castro
Sex: male
Age: 17
looks: blue eyes,brown,dark skin/tan,black dress pants,an escape the fate shirt,
open long sleeve shirt/button up,wristbands/sex braceletts,random shoes
personality: treats his pokemon and friends like he would want too be treated with the upmost
respect and always giving advice too help people out
Dream/Ambitions: i want too be the very best like no one ever was...duh duh duhduh
Items: 3Max potions, 5revives, 10pokeballs, 5ultraballs, a bike and an item finder

Character Background and Rp sample

Background: came from cuba on a raft seperated from his parents back at 13 when they were lost in a majore storm he afloated on shore with his raft not seeing them since,saved by new friends trying too maybe one day find his parents but for now he will raise his newly profound pokemon will not back down from a challenge or battle but will fight with courage too win backing his pokemon 110% going the extra mile for them as they do for him loves too free run too make time fly and get places faster doing flips over anything and anyone its been his style since a child banned from many places for this but wont quite cause next too pokemon its his next love and passion,GURLS!

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Post  Sandy(Mewtwo) on Sun May 16, 2010 12:18 am


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