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Post  Sandy(Mewtwo) on Mon May 10, 2010 8:24 pm

Name: Sandy Intensity
Sex: male
Age: 19
looks: blue eyes blonde,brown, and black hair spiked, red skinny jeans with an electric blue lightning shirt, nike sb shoes a gold cross chain, tattoo's of things that mean the most,a skateboard in hand too get around unless needing too fly.
personality: mysterious, unless coming too find something he may call love for another but for opponents,cocky, and seems too be all knowing for his strong and powered pokemon, and when it comes too his pokemon he has the upmost and full giving respect for them
I wanna be the very best
Like noone ever was
To catch them is my real test
To train them is my cause
I will travel across the land
Searching far and wide
Each Pokemon to understand
The power that's inside
It's you and me
I know it's my destiny
Ooh, you're my best friend
In a world we must defend
Our hearts so true
Our courage will pull us through
You teach me and I'll teach you
Gotta catch 'em all!
Every challenge along the way
With courage I will face
I will battle every day
To claim my rightful place
Come with me, the time is right
There's no better team
Arm in arm we'll win the fight
It's always been our dream

Items: one masterball he has yet too use for a certain pokemon,three pokeballs,two ultraballs,five super potions, ten revives, three full restores
Character Background and Rp sample
Background: left home when just a young boi too be the best pokemon master there ever was. too fulfill that dream. he had too kiss his single mother goodbye and become the lonely loner pokemon trainer too find his path of where he will be in the future and his destiny.He was always a mysterious boi but when the time was right when he thought he needed love and a lover he was very friendly too the gurl he wanted. So he would chase after whatever it was that he wanted. wether it be a pokemon or gurl,he never let anything in his way...

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