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Post  Shi-Oni (Dark Charizard) on Fri May 21, 2010 8:56 pm

Name: Spike Condred
Sex: Male
Age: 23
looks: Light grey hair, Tall, Skinny, Res colour eye and Right eye is completly white but wears a black eye patch over it, White pale skin, A bih scar from the top of the right side of the head, sown the right eye, over the body, going to th right, and all the way down the back of the left leg, A tatto of a snakes body wraped round his left arm, the tail ending on the palm of his hand, the body wrapes round the ar then his neck and starting on the left side of his face but ending with the top half of a robotice purble dragon, the snake tail is green and the yellow in the inner bit, wears black jeans and a white shirt, he is alwiz bear feeted, and a blood staind shirt and a bag...
personality: Down right evil, he hates other people and hates losing battle's, he alwiz try's to win, and only care's for his Dark Charizard, Flame... and his Charmalion, Red...
Dream/Ambitions: He wishes to have the stongest pokemon and to never be beaten...
Item: Big Pearl x2, Heart Scale x1, Rare Candy x1, Live Orb, everstone x1
Medicine: Hyper Potion x4, Lava Cookie x2
Poke Ball: Master Ball x1
TMs & HMs: -
Berry: -
Mail: Shadow Mail x10
Battle Items: -
Key Items: Super Rod, Mach Bike, Coin Case (50,987), Itemfinder, S.S Ticket
Background: When he born, he was abanded by his parent's, he was fonded by a female Charizard, and she woz quite fownd of him and took hi to the cave she lived in to bring him up as her own, she lifed i that cave just her self, he had her own egg ready for hatching, the next day, a male charmader hatched fro the egg, but it wos a black one, very rare to get, and he had a scar down his eye, so they were both alike...
so, 8 year's past and he was fonded by a Team Rocket Grunt that heard about the black Charmander, he defeted the mother and kiddnaped him, and the charamander, Spike grow up to be a team rocket Grunt but hated the place, he vistit Flame every night, he called him that because his flame was bigger than the rest, the charander's were used to make more egg's, so when he was 14, he pland to escape from the place with flame, he did and stole a few stuff, also the loot they stole from silph co years and years ago, along with the irst 3 Master balls that they stole, he fled the place with Flame but was caught and had to battle a Grunt, Flame won and Evolved into a Black Charmalion...
As they fled, he noticed flame had an egg he was carrieing, it hatched into a Charmander and had an scar down the let eye like flame, he called him red, he hen lifed on and used 2 master balls on mew and entie and only has one left... he now live in a life of crime...
Rp sample: He stood at the top of the cliff, looking down at the sea, he took a step off and was falling to his doom, then a black Charizard caught him on his back and they flew of...
Shi-Oni (Dark Charizard)
Shi-Oni (Dark Charizard)

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Post  SolarDarkness(Umbreon) on Fri May 21, 2010 9:02 pm

Approved by me, if that counts (:
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